Thursday 20 September 2012

Rain respects NO ONE!

Rain and Hair, is like, Oil and Water... They DO NOT mix. If it starts to rain when I'm on the go, I normally have no problem, I'm either in the car or I have my loyal umbrella. I've recently moved to Amsterdam *woop*... traded my car for a city bike and as a result rain is a big problem *sighs*! Personally, I'm not big on cycling, as a driver I found cyclist a nuisance, as a cyclist, guess what?...... I find cyclist a nuisance.

You know what's worse than riding a bike? Riding a bike in torrential rain!!!! Last night I got caught in the torrential downpour, 30mins from my flat with no umbrella... no hood... no plastic bag.... just me, the clothes on my back and my bike! I have a picture and a cold to prove it loool. If you're like me you'll know when it rains, personal appearance becomes i-rre-le-vant! I took my coat off, put it on my head and cycled to the nearest bridge until the rain calmed down a little.

Luckily my hair didn't get wet, as for my clothes? The picture says it all. The picture was taken whilst I was under the bridge by a friend. At this point I still had a 20min cycle left. I'm buying a raincoat and I will never leave my house without it again!

Word of Advice 'Be Prepared'


  1. OMG! I'm dying right now! LOL I live in Holland and I DO NOT LIKE riding a bike. Years and years I had to go to school on a bike IN THE RAIN. So not fun.

    1. When I first moved to Amsterdam, I was so excited to buy a bike... needless to say the excitement soon passed lool. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like riding a bike.


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