Monday 17 September 2012

Back to Plaits

I've started back at university now and I noticed I was slacking a little bit in the hair department. I wasn't taking the extra time to style my hair and as a result I was leaving the house with hair that wasn't meeting my normal standards. I had two options, 'wake up a little bit earlier and style' or 'plait my hair'. The former option just wasn't going to happen so plaits it was. Despite the slight irritation from scalp exposure I'm enjoying my new do.

I plaited my hair first, when I was 3 months post and, I have to say as a protective style it is ACE. I previously kept them in for just under 2 weeks, spritzing twice a day with homemade braid spray and when i took them out my hair was well moisturised.

I'm going to attempt to wear plaits through winter in the hope of retaining moisture and length and at the expense of losing heat from my head. Anyone who has had plaits before knows, when the wind blows you feel it!

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