Friday, 1 August 2014

3 Months Natural: Comparison & Tips

Top: 27th July 2014/ Bottom: 8th May 2014 (little under 3 months)

Hey Beautiful people!!! In a few days, it will be 3 months since I ended my transition. To be honest, it feels like much longer... this is probably because so much has occurred within this time. I am loving the journey thus far. My hair has definitely got thicker and longer since I transition chopped... can you tell from the pictures? I have more hang time. For the first time ever I wore my hair in a braidout out of the house... yes, I said out of the house. *covers face* In my defence the weather in England has been either too wet or too humid and I have only just mastered my braidout technique. The transition from wearing my hair back to wearing my hair out takes a little getting used to. 

Below I have shared some tips that have helped me on my natural hair journey. 


1) Prepoo with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey - warm for a few second in the microwave and apply to damp hair. This is an ultimate lifesaver.

2) Wash day does not have to take all day - You can get the same result in a few hours. I've noticed that now and can now utilise the rest of my day. 

3) Wash in twists- this reduces shrinkage, tangles, and ensures that product is evenly distributed through the hair. I individually unravel the twists to shampoo and condition and re-twist. 

4) Trim Scraggly ends - healthy ends make a hairstyle look so much better... especially braidouts, as well as improving the overall health of your hair. 


  1. These are great tips. I put my hair in loose braids when I shampoo now because I don't like it when the shampoo gets to my ends.

    1. Thanks! Sectioning the hair on washday is definitely the way forward. :)

  2. Lovely hair! What a difference three months can make :P How long did you transition? I transitioned for one year in 2012. Was so happy when it was over :D And you're absolutely right about the wash days. I don't understand how wash day can take so long with some people.

    1. Thanks Jaleesa. Three months definitely can make a difference. I transition for just under 25 months. I was relieved when it was over too but I was determined to have enough hair to pull into one.
      I know, I was guilty of spending too long on washdays in the past, I've significantly cut the time down. Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. nice tips, also using sulfate free shampoo defintely helps and recently i started co washing and i must say my hair has gotten softer.

    1. I agree, I've been using a sulphate free shampoo for 3+ years. My hair isn't a big fan of co washing but I'm glad it works for you :).


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