Wednesday 13 February 2013

10 months post relaxer

Hey Everyone! On the 7th Feb was the 10th month mark of my transition to natural, and even 21st birthday :D. I know I say this all the time but, time is flying by!!! I am still loving my transition, absolutely loving seeing my hair grow, and quite frankly just loving life. At minimum I have another 10 months left of my transition, at maximum another 12 months. The hardest part of my transition thus far has been styling!!! It is still very much a hit and miss for me, possibly because I want a style that takes me no longer than 5mins. Before I started transitioning, I was used to my hair doing what I wanted.... now it's more of a compromise. Besides styling, I am starting to get curious about, how much hair I will have when I finally chop my relaxed ends off :S The internet bombards me with images of women who have grown their hair to magnificent lengths in incy wincy periods of time... I find them extremely inspirational and motivational but, at the same time I'm not trying to build false hope. I guess the 'amazing' thing about transitioning is that you don't really know what awaits you once you're natural. Let the journey to the unknown begin!!!

ps. Above is a picture that I took just after I washed my hair last week


  1. Your transition seems to be going quite well. That's some nice growth. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Thanks, Good luck in your journey also!


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