Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Battle with Dry Hair

My biggest struggle since the start of my hair journey has been maintaining moisturised hair. I automatically wanted to blame my moisturiser, Wave Nouveau. I required far too much product to keep my hair soft, which would eventually make my hair limp, after days of reapplication. Of course, I tried a few alternatives, Kera Care conditioning creme, Bee Mine Balanced Moisturiser and so on... none of them solved the problem. I was doing everything by the book, deep conditioning, moisturising & sealing, sleeping with a satin scarf... you name it!!! For those that have experienced dry hair know that it does not behave! It's hard to style, looks dull and is very fragile. I refused to accept defeat, and continued to look for a solution. Through research I have learnt that dry hair can be a result of several factors. Here's a short list of things that have helped me overcome the obstacle.

*Spritz hair with water before applying your moisturiser- Water is the best moisturiser and much to my surprise my hair loves water.
*Drink water- Our bodies need water to operate efficiently
*Check for protein in your products- You may be protein sensitive, or even be suffering from protein overload. Anything with protein in it makes my hair ultra dry.
*Use heat when deep conditioning- If you don't own a hairdryer, no problem... create heat by putting foil on top of you cling film/shower cap or even heat up your conditioner a little bit in the microwave
*Don't use too much product- Too much product leads to buildup which eventually blocks the hair from absorbing moisture.
*Try the baggy method- This helps lock in moisture temporarily.
*Assess whether your shampoo is too harsh- Shampoos strip hair, even ones which are sulphate free. This has been a major culprit for my moisture loss. I just started using CON moisture and shine shampoo and have noticed an amazing difference.
*When washing your hair, do the final rinse with cold water-  As uncomfortable as this may be, it has been an absolute lifesaver.
*Check if you live in a hard water area- You may need to install a shower filter or you may need to purchase a chelating shampoo
* Assess your leave-in conditioner- I recently switched to Hairveda Whipped Creme Ends and my hair has been thanking me since


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    1. No problem, thanks for stopping by :)

  2. You know as the weather changed the cold water rinse did less for my hair. My hair itself is doing ok keeping moisture it's my scalp I need to attend to more often.

    1. Really? that's interesting to know. Do you put anything on your scalp?
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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