Monday 3 June 2013

Beware of the Gimmicks

Beware of the Gimmicks. Today I went into my local hair shop for a browse. I mainly buy my hair products online but I occasionally like to see what new stuff they have in store. A tub with the writing '100% African Shea Butter' caught my eye. I asked one of the men in the store which part of Africa this product was from exactly. He told me 'Made in Africa' as if I couldn't read. I had to explain to him that Africa is a continent and that description means as much to me as 'Made in Asia' would mean to him (he was indian). It is very important that we are aware of what we were buying. Many products claim to 'promote growth' and 'stop breakage' but before we buy do we research how the ingredients support the claim. Many products will promote the fact that the product has for example 'Moroccan Argan Oil' in it to catch the consumers eyes but half of the time the Argan Oil is close to the last ingredient. As consumers we need to understand that we dictate the market. I personally prefer to know exactly what I'm buying. With a lot of the smaller hair care lines this information is readily available, if I need extra information I can get a prompt friendly response to my inquiry. If this is the service and products that we want to get in our local shops, we need support these businesses in order for them to grow. Why am I buying products for my hair from people whose main goal is not promoting healthy hair care but instead to make a profit.

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