Wednesday 8 January 2014

21 months post relaxer

The 7th Jan marked 21 months since my last relaxer. Wow, I can't really believe it myself. I'm only 3 months short of 2 years. Before I know it I'll be 100 % natural. A part of me can't wait til my transition is over whilst another part of me is pining for this stage to last forever. I'm trying to make the final chop as easy as possible by trimming every 8 weeks. I trimmed 1/2- 1 inch off my ends yesterday. I officially have two more trims before I do my transition chop. My main goal for the rest of my transition is to keep my hair healthy and with that growth shall follow. I can't wait to set length goals once I cut my ends off and see what length my natural hair is.

My transition is becoming more enjoyable as the days go by mainly because I can see how far I've come. I'm gaining more confidence with my hair. Not too long ago I used to have issues styling my hair and through lack of patience and lack of imagination I sported hairstyles on a few days that were below my standards. No longer will I be doing this. I am now more aware that my transitioning hair can do more styles than I had given it credit for... shame on me! In my relaxed days I used to love donut buns, it has taken me to be 21 months post relaxer to attempt to try them again. I think I was being over cautious.

Yesterday, I tried something different, Instead of subjecting myself to the cold rinse at the end of the wash, I used the blowdryer on cool to close my cuticles and partially dry my hair before air-drying. I can honestly say as a result my hair was softer. I guess you have to live a little. This year I refuse to allow my healthy hair journey to make me over cautious. Yesterday, I wore my wool bowler hat without a satin scarf underneath... Someone say rebel... did I notice a difference with my hair, nope! Don't get me wrong, if I get around to it i'll line it but I no longer want to feel limited by my hair. Can you relate to this?

Here are pictures of my hair that I took yesterday before my trim.

Quick Length Check 
Left back, Right front, Right back. 
Hair after applying a little gel
Multiple Textures. From Top: Left
Right Back, Middle, Middle and Right Front Corner
Are you transitioning to natural? How many months post relaxer are you?


  1. it's beautifull I'm 13 months post relaxer. I hope when I get to 21 months my hair will be as beautiful as yours

    1. Aww Thank You Sissa for your kind words. I'm sure your hair is beautiful at 13 months. Good luck with your transition.

  2. Congrats on 21 months! And good on you for trying something different. I get what you mean about being over cautious. There are so many do's and don'ts, you can get a bit caught up in it all when it's really not that serious lol

    1. Thank you. Yes, it's true. It's important to enjoy your hair.


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