Thursday 6 February 2014

Quick Hair Update

Hey Guys, I know I've been M.I.A or as we say in London, I know I've been ghost. Studies are getting the better of me. 3 more months until I finish university, can I get a whoop whoop? lol. I'll be 22 months post relaxer tomorrow, which is actually my birthday and guess what... I'll be 22! I feel so blessed to have made it this far, both with my journey to natural and in this journey called LIFE. Just 4-5 months before I do the snip... eeek. Excitement is not the word... hopefully by then I'll feel ready. I guess I'll savour these last few months with my relaxed ends because once this time has passed it's gone forever. As a whole my hair is definitely looking healthier, I'm not sure what i've been doing differently. Below is a picture that I took earlier this week, had I not taken the picture myself I would not have believed that that was my hair. I looked at this picture and thought 'wow my hair has really grown'. I strongly recommend taking pictures to record your progress. Whenever you feel defeated you can look back to see how far you've come... this can apply not only to hair but to life in general.

How have you been recording your progress with your hair journey?

ps. I'll be doing some product reviews this month so keep an eye out. 


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    1. Awww thank you Sissa, greatly appreciated. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Chica! Your hair looks so fluffy and soft!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish :). I still can't believe I made it to 22 months post!


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