Sunday 30 November 2014

My Rhassoul Clay Experience

I have had my eye on both Rhassoul and Bentonite clay since my transitioning days. Last week was my second experience using Rhassoul clay, I first used the Anita Grant Conditioning cubes in June, this time around I made my own clay mix. I can definitely say that it is now a staple in my regimen.

Benefits (taken from
1. Softens skin and hair.
2. Regulates sebum secretion without drying. 
3. Regenerates skin cell tissue by gently removing dead cells and improving skin clarity and elasticity. 
4. Rebalances the skin and tightens the pores.
5. Provides optimal repair and renewal to both skin and hair by nourishing the skin and scalp tissue cells with pro-vitamins and trace minerals such as silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium.
6. Reduces dryness and flakiness. 
7. Cleanses curly hair without stripping the natural oils (sebum). 
8. Detangles, defines and detoxifies naturally curly hair.  
9. Non-irritating to skin and scalp, suitable for all skin and hair types. 

My Recipe
50g Rhassoul Clay (micronised) 
40ml Apple Cider Vinegar
15ml Rose Water
15ml Hot water
5ml Coconut Oil
5ml tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel
2 drops Peppermint Oil

1. Mix ingredients together excluding the oil and gel until the mixture is smooth. (use plastic or wooden spoon/fork)
2. Add oils and gel once smooth consistency is achieved
3. Apply in sections to damp hair from root to end
4. Cover hair with shower cap/plastic bag for up to an hour
5.Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and there are no traces left in your hair
6.ACV rinse- optional (I didn't apply the clay to my scalp so the rinse was to cleanse my scalp)

I love love love Rhassoul clay. I can't believe that it has taken me so long to use it. I used the clay mix as both a cleanser and a conditioner, a 2 in 1. My hair was definitely cleansed and softer than it has ever been after using store bought conditioner. Curlfriends, I have found myself a new staple. The clay kept my wash day tangle free, I didn't have to wash my hair in twists. I tend to have somewhat frizzy hair and the clay definitely reduced the frizz encouraging my hair to clump. One thing I would say is that the clay didn't leave my hair as shiny as I'm used to after deep conditioning but this is not an issue, I may just switch up my recipe to help this. A word of advice, rinse out thoroughly, especially if you have thick hair, you don't want to dry your hair only to find out you still have clay residue in it. You can also use the clay on your face, which I plan to do next.. altering the recipe of course, I don't want the peppermint oil to make me blind. I plan to use Rhassoul Clay to cleanse and condition my hair once a month which is every other washday because I wash my hair biweekly. Price wise, Rhassoul clay is on the more expensive side especially if you live in England. I purchased 250g of Rhassoul clay from Anita Grant for £5.80 during a 20% off promotion, normal price £7.25, she also sells 500g for £13.55. 

Have you used Rhassoul clay? Share your favourite recipes in the comments :)

ps. Sorry about my hiatus, I accidentally spilt smoothie on my macbook, had to get it fixed :(. 

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