Tuesday 30 October 2012

Trim Often

Make sure you trim your hair often! Trimming is essential if you want to be a long term transitioner. It helps keep breakage at bay and not only will your hair look better, you will also feel a sense of motivation. With every trim you'll be one step closer to being fully natural. I'm now 29 weeks post and I've trimmed 3 times, the first time I went to the hairdressers and the other two times I went for the D.I.Y approach. If you think that you might get a little scissor happy or you want your hair to be level, I suggest you let someone else do it for you. At the moment I trim my ends every 8 weeks which is more than enough time for my ends to start looking tired.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Moisture Moisture Moisture

I have made the ultimate moisture concoction. Water + Jamaican Black Castor oil Peppermint Oil + Extra virgin Olive Oil + Aloe Vera Gel + Wave Nouveau = MOISTURE! For the past few days my hair has been feeling and looking great as a result. Moisture is crucial for transitioning hair in order to prevent breakage at the line of demarcation. I normally have a moisture issue after wash days, even with a non sulphate shampoo -______-. I find myself having to use far too much Wave Nouveau to get my hair back to feeling moisturised. The best thing about this mixture is that both textures love it and with it being in a spray bottle it is so easy to apply and a little goes a long way. Hopefully this makes my transition a lot easier. If you've made your own moisture concoction or even try this one, let me know!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Out with the Plaits, In with the Buns

The plan was to wear plaits as a protective style this winter... 'was' being the keyword. After keeping them in for a whole 2 weeks, I have changed my mind! I felt as if they put too much tension on my hair line especially with the two textures. Apart from the tension, not being able to keep my hands out of my head and looking 5 years younger, I would recommend plaiting your hair to give you a break from daily styling. A word of advice if you decide to plait your hair, make sure you still moisturise. I mixed conditioner, water and a little oil and spray it on once or twice a day.

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