Saturday 12 April 2014

2 Years Post Relaxer!

I am officially 2 years post relaxer!!!!! 2 whole years since I last relaxed my hair!!! I'm still in a state of shock. I hit the two year mark on monday but I was unable to really appreciate what it meant because I had a 5,000 word paper to write. It has officially sunk in. *happy dance* *moonwalks*
I can't wait to end my transition or maybe I can ? Not really sure. I have quite a lot of relaxed ends left which makes thoughts of ending my transition a wee bit daunting. On the other hand I'd love to style my hair without feeling restricted by my two textures. I'd love to just wear my hair out. I've been wearing buns for literally the whole 2 years. I've missed hair framing my face. I've missed being able to use my hair to cover the cheeky little blemish that occasionally decides to seek refuge on my face. I've missed tucking my hair behind my ear. The little things ay. 

I've decided for the chop date to coincide with my last exam at university in about 2months time. That way it can be symbolic. I want to share the experience with you guys so I'll definitely record it. In the mean time here are some pictures I took of my hair today :).

Check out my hair at 1 yr post relaxer to see the progress.

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