Jimmy Chew Choo

These get a 10/10 for creativity!! They personally make me itch, but no denying that they are COOL! If I had these, I would be killing the jokes:
If I stepped on a stone I'd say, "there's something stuck in my Teeth"..... After a bit too much walking: "Ouch, I have a toothache".....If they got dirty, "Yuck, cavities". After a full day of me in these, my friends would probably want to knock my teeth out... literally! 

                                 Shorts or just plain Short?

Is it just me or has the sole purpose of wearing clothes gone out the window? It seems like nothing is being left to the imagination these days! Or as my grandma would say 'unu ah walk street wid fi dem batty outta door'! I personally love the design on these shorts, a few inches longer and maybe they could have had a happy home in my wardrobe. 


I love these shoes or should I say J'aime les chaussures... They say French is the language of love and they were right!!!!

I'm not generally a fan of Christian Louboutin but these are the business. I don't need write a chapter on why I love these because the shoes speak for themselves!!!!! 

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