Hey Guys, 

After deliberation, persuasion and peer consultation, I decided to start blogging. I started blogging during the Summer Holiday following my 2nd year of University. 

My main focus of the blog is hair complimented with music and clothes.

 In November 2011, I embarked on a healthy hair journey with my relaxed hair. I stopped using heat on my hair, started paying more attention to what I put in my hair, started deep conditioning and using protective styling. With this new approach to hair care, I managed to retain more length and my hair got thicker. I joined a site called hairlista.com  which guided me along the way. Through hairlista I was able to see all the beautiful styles people were doing with their natural hair and my mind began to flirt with the idea of going back to my roots. I began to feel restricted by my relaxed hair and constantly felt paranoid about breakage, a frequent problem from the past. I let time pass to make sure I wasn't acting on impulse and then after my relaxer on the 7th April 2012, I decided that it would be my last. I ended my transition on the 4/5th May 2014. 

On this blog I share tips, tricks, product reviews and styling inspirations with the aim of helping others on a hair journey. If you have any questions don't be afraid to comment below posts and I will definitely respond. 


  1. Hi Takara,
    I was wondering if you'd be interested in swapping articles with me and a magazine I have recently joined as a contributor. I'm looking for fresh perspectives from Naturals outside of the U.S. You can email me at Terryamoni@gmail.com If you are interested. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Takara, I found your blog on hairlista and I nominated you for a liebster award!! you might have hundreds of nominations but I had to add another one its here http://kangopie.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/bare-half-my-soul-with-a-liebster-award/

    1. Hi, really sorry for the late reply. I have been nominated but I have never got around to doing it. I will definitely check your blog out. :)


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